ResourceFin is a specialized Resource Industry funder of diverse mining and energy production projects in the USA and Canada.

ResourceFin executives and consultants have extensive and diverse experience in resource banking, investment analysis, and management in all facets of mining - having managed and/or brought many mines into production.

What we do

ResourceFin has developed a deal structure that provides for a vastly improved secured lending proposition to traditional resource project funding, while at the same time providing lending solutions for mid-market projects that are largely avoided in the current traditional financing market.

ResourceFin experts independently assess project viability and recommend funding that can provide for production commencement or expansion of select projects in the USA and Canada.

ResourceFin partners all project financing with leading institutional/investor interests.

Low Risk

We focus on easily implemented and managed mid-market projects with low LTVs and solid operating margins


We maintain on-site mining professionals at each project site to monitor progress and performance


We obtain senior liens on all assets and a profit participation in each project


We require the ability to assume control of any project at any time if there are concerns regarding competence, compliance, or performance that may threaten the project viability and/or lender security


  • For mine or energy
    project financing contact:

    ResourceFin LLC
    2221 South Clark St
    Arlington, VA 22202